Pokemon GO World of Wonders Season
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Pokemon Go Teases New Season and Fans Are Confused

The World of Wonders season in Pokemon GO is coming on March 1, and so far fans fear it might be far from wonderfull.

Many Pokemon Go fans naturally expected an announcement from Niantic as the Sinnoh Tour ends and Pokemon Day approaches. However, the new teaser about the upcoming World of Wonders season has many fans confused.

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This morning, the Pokemon Go app pinged us all with an update about the World of Wonders season. To say the update was brief is a bit of an understatement, since the news bulletin regarding the new season is two short sentences: “It’s a wonderful world. Let’s rediscover it together.” This coincided with a tweet from @PokemonGO on X with a short teaser about the new season, and fans have some questions.

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World of Wonders Might Be Kanto-Themed Based on Teaser

In their post to X, Pokemon Go shared a short trailer for the upcoming World of Wonders season, which includes familiar Gen 1 Pokemon such as Nidoran and Butterfree.

Given that the most recent season was themed around the Sinnoh region, many Pokemon fans undoubtedly expected future seasons to keep moving forward through the generations. That has us all feeling a bit surprised to see these original Pokemon from the Kanto region in the World of Wonders season preview.

While some fans are enthusiastic about what a new season could bring, others are a bit concerned about the apparent theme. “I hope it’s not three months of only Kanto Pokemon” says one fan, while another jokes “Nidoran and Pidgey community day incoming.”

The new season is set to begin on March 1, so we won’t be waiting too long for additional details about what’s in store. As much as we love the original 151, many early Pokemon Go fans still have memories of just how many Pidgey were around in the early days, and I’m not sure anyone wants (or needs) to revisit that experience.

Given that this is just a short preview and no other details have been released, there could well be some surprises in store for the upcoming Pokemon Go World of Wonders season even with the familiar characters in this brief sneak peek. The mysterious purple energy that appears in the sky suggests there’s a bit more here than initially meets the eye.

With Pokemon Day on the horizon and the start of the World of Wonders season so close, we’ll likely learn more in the days to come. Until then, let’s all cross our fingers for something a little more exciting than three million Pidgeys to send to the professor like the old days.

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