Pokemon Day 2024 Predictions Bingo
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Fans Make Pokemon Day Bingo Cards To Share Their Outrageous Predictions

With Pokemon Day 2024 only days away, fans are preparing bingo cards to share their hopes and dreams for Pokemon Presents announcements.

The annual holiday for Pokemon fans everywhere, Pokemon Day, is mere days away and there is no shortage of hopes, dreams, and theories for what will be announced. Fans have put a fun spin on sharing their predictions with Pokemon Day 2024 bingo cards.

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If you’re even remotely connected with the Pokemon side of the internet this week, it’s hard to miss everyone’s excited chatter about what’s to come during the Pokemon Presents announcements on Pokemon Day. And leave it to Pokemon fans to make a game out of it, because now we’re all sharing our Pokemon Day 2024 bingo cards full of our wildest predictions for what’s to come.

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Fan-Made Pokemon Day 2024 Bingo Cards Share Our Wildest Dreams

A few big theories have made a splash in the Pokemon community, with many fans anticipating remakes featuring Sinnoh or Unova. However, that doesn’t stop fans from getting creative and sharing every wild theory they can dream up via bingo cards.

It’s tough to pinpoint the start of this bingo card meme, which has gained a ton of traction on X in the leadup to Pokemon Day, but here’s an example of the fun:

If you search “Pokemon Day bingo” on X, you’ll see countless riffs on this theme, with predictions ranging from the intentionally ridiculous to the relatively obvious.

Some fill their bingo cards with the unexpected, like the Hey You Pikachu mobile app envisioned by @Tales_of_Taylor above. Honestly, I never would have thought about it, but now I do kind of want it.

Others are going the safe route and trying to make sure they can hit bingo during Pokemon Presents, with predictions about updates for Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon GO. Given that these are the most current live service Pokemon apps it stands to reason The Pokemon Company will have something to say about them during Pokemon Day this year.

The predictions truly cover the whole spectrum of possibilities when it comes to Pokemon Day bingo, but one notably popular bingo square has already been ticked off for fans of Pokemon Concierge. Many anticipated that new episodes would be announced, and The Pokemon Company delivered that news early by sharing that Haru and Psyduck’s next adventures are already in production!

Some other common bingo squares are still up for debate, such as the anticipated Unova remakes, a new Legends-style game, and our forever dream of having older Pokemon games ported to the Nintendo Switch for all our nostalgia needs.

Pokemon Day 2024 is on February 27, so if you want to join in the bingo fun, get your card together ASAP. Dare to dream big, Pokemon fans!

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