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What Time Does The FFVII: Rebirth Junon Demo Release?

The time has come for players to embark on the next part of the Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Demo "Dawn of a New Era."

The time has come for players to explore the Junon area in the Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth demo. The official Final Fantasy VII Twitter/X has finally given us a date and time so get ready to power on your PS5.

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The Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth demo is releasing in two waves, with the first being the Nibelheim Incident. Players were left with a notice in the demo stating that the Junon area would be released at a later time. Game director Naoki Hamaguchi announced on his official Twitter/X that the second half of the demo will be released February 21, 2014, and a new tweet from the official FFVII account has confirmed the time.

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Release Date for Dawn of a New Era Junon FFVII: Rebirth Demo

The release for the Junon area of the Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Demo is February 21, 2024, at 4 AM PST/1 PM CET. That release is just around the corner.

Players won’t want to miss playing the Junon part of the demo as developers have stressed that there will be unique content which are specific to the demo that players won’t want to miss. Additionally, there will be a visual improvement for Performance Mode. Players have discussed the underwhelming performance of the visuals in the first part of the demo. Hopefully, the improvement will offer a cleaner, more visually stunning expirience for PlayStation 5 enthusiasts.

Many Final Fantasy VII fans are excited to see what the open-world gameplay will be like in Rebirth. I am certainly ready and hopeful that this time around, Square Enix will improve their open-world capabilities from when they released Final Fantasy XV. Judging by early previews, it seems that the world will be packed with things to do and opportunities to explore.

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