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Dice Dreams Free Rolls (June 2024) – Daily Links

Dice Dreams can be a lot of fun, but only if players have enough rolls to keep playing. That's why free rolls are so important.

Updated: June 21, 2024

We added new links!

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Dice Dreams is one of the best games out there for players who want quick, easy fun from a game they can quickly load up and enjoy daily for a short session. However, the fun ends fast without free rolls, which is why keeping up with them is essential.

In Dice Dreams, players build up a kingdom by rolling for coins, stealing cash from their opponents, and doing everything possible to build up their wealth so they can be crowned as the best out there. While it starts out slow, the game’s depth is quickly revealed, easily sucking players in until they don’t want to play anything else. It’s important to keep on top of the daily Dice Dreams free rolls, though, because they help keep the fun alive without breaking the bank.

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All Dice Dreams Free Rolls (Updated Daily)

In this section, we’ve listed every Dice Dreams free rolls code or link we’ve been able to find since we began tracking them at the start of the new year on January 1, 2024. We’ll organize them into monthly lists as we go and will delete older codes and links once we believe they’ve expired.

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Dice Dreams Free Rolls for June 2024

Dice Dreams Free Rolls for May 2024

Dice Dreams Free Rolls for April 2024

Dice Dreams Free Rolls for March 2024

Dice Dreams Free Rolls for February 2024

Dice Dreams Free Rolls for January 2024

Note that if these codes don’t work, there’s a chance that they may have expired or, more likely, they don’t work in certain regions. There’s no way around the region-locking of certain codes. Where we find codes that are only available in certain parts of the world, we’ll add that information to the list above.

How to Claim Dice Dreams Free Rolls

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To claim Dice Dreams free rolls, players must have the game downloaded to their device and then tap on the links in the list above. The links open the game and provide players with rewards in-game that are applied directly to their account. Players who use these links on a device without the game won’t get the rewards.

When Do Dice Dreams Free Rolls Expire?

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It’s unclear if Dice Dreams free rolls codes ever expire. However, all of these promotions have a limit to them. Even PlayStation codes expire after a certain number of years. While it’s always worth trying old links, we’d expect these codes to expire within a year or so, though we preserve some older ones in this guide where they appear in case they still work for newcomers.

How to Get More Free Rolls in Dice Dreams

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Below, we’ve outlined all the ways we’re aware of that will help players get more Dice Dreams free rolls without spending a penny. Some may take quite a bit of time, but we see each one as worth it because the end result is more time playing for free.

Watch for Dice Dreams Store Promotions

The store in Dice Dreams offers promotional items to players for earning a certain number of resources or spending a specific amount of money. This is pretty standard for the genre, every game like this and Monopoly Slots offers some kind of bonus for buying a huge chunk of coins. The key is to only buy what’s required to get the reward, then use that reward as much as possible to make the cash spent worthwhile.

Sending and Receiving Gifts

Dice Dreams has a gift function that lets players send gifts to each other on a daily basis. However, this can only be done with friends. The best way to take advantage of the gift mechanic is to send out as many friend invites as possible and then coordinate gift sending with those friends to amass a stockpile of resources.

Connect a Facebook Account to Dice Dreams

As with other games, such as Board Kings, players are rewarded with free items just for linking their social media accounts. In the case of Dice Dreams, we know that linking a Facebook account awards free rolls, but this can only be done once per account, so it might be worth saving until a time when players have a decent chunk of time to use those free rolls in.

Daily Gifts on Social Media

Dice Dreams’ developer, SuperPlay regularly, shares free rolls and other reward links on the game’s social media accounts. It’s worth following on Twitter, if nothing else, to keep up with all the links that are posted, even if some of them are limited use.

Participate in Dice Dreams Events

Now and then, Dice Dreams hosts events for players that double up their rewards, offers free coins or rolls, and other incentives to keep players in the game for longer. Taking part in all of these events will help players make the most of their time. If nothing else, we suggest only playing during events to maximize the rewards earned.

Invite Friends to Play Dice Dreams

Inviting friends to play Dice Dreams brings a plethora of rewards to every player who accepts an invite, as well as the player who sent that invite. This can be done regularly, provided players have even more friends to send invites to. There are likely communities out there sharing their invite links to help newcomers out should players want to jump into them and farm resources and free rolls.

Collect Stickers in Dice Dreams

Dice Dreams gradually hands players sets of stickers they must collect if they want a chunk of free rolls. Getting these isn’t easy. In fact, it’s just something players will do as they naturally play. However, it’s worth focusing on methods that will definitely award stickers, such as exchanging them in groups or grabbing daily rewards, because those can then double up to award more free rolls eventually.

Take Part in dice Dreams Tournaments

As with the Dice Dreams events, there are often tournaments for players to compete in. These offer set rewards for certain actions, such as hitting a particular rank in the competition. While the rewards here are harder to get, it’s with trying, at least, because free rolls just mean more time that can be spent playing.

What is Dice Dreams?

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Dice Dreams is a mobile game that borrows themes and gameplay mechanics from others, such as Coin Master, Monopoly Go, and Monopoly Slots. In it, players roll dice for moves and resources, mainly coins. Once they have enough, they can purchase items for their kingdom, the building of which is their main priority.

There are deeper mechanics and collections for players to invest their time into as well, but the main draw of the game is the daily rolls to keep up their score and advance their account a little. Those who want to progress further, they can use Dice Dreams free rolls codes like the ones in this article to boost their time with the game and earn more coins faster.

The game can be quite addictive, so we believe it’s good for players to set boundaries and limit their time playing each day. Otherwise, they could end up spending too much cash on in-game purchases, which defeats the point of using free rolls entirely.

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