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Board Kings Free Rolls (June 2024) – Daily Links

Board Kings is a fantastic mobile game that players can lose themselves in, especially if they have an endless supply of Free Rolls.

Updated: June 21, 2024

We added new links!

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Board Kings is one of the most popular mobile games on the planet. It’s heavily geared towards monetization, but there’s a way to keep it free.

Rolls are the name of the game in Board Kings, but they cost players money if all the free ones get used up. That is unless players try to get themselves some Free Rolls to help them progress even further through the game. Thankfully, there’s a plethora of ways to get Free Rolls and loads that don’t require any effort at all.

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All Board Kings Free Rolls (Updated Daily)

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Below, we’ve outlined all the Board Kings Free Rolls codes we’ve been able to find. While we recommend using Rolls on the day they appear, we keep them in this list for about a month after they appear in case anyone misses them. Note that not all of these links provide Free Rolls because other rewards are also offered for the game.

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How to Claim Board Kings Free Rolls

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To claim Free Rolls in Board Kings, players first need to download the game, launch it, and connect their Facebook account. This is incredibly important because all of the Free Rolls we find are for Facebook-enabled accounts.

Once that’s all setup, players need to visit this article on their mobile device and click on the links for rewards above. The links open Baord Kings and will give players the relevant reward once the game has registered that the link has been clicked.

When do Board Kings Free Rolls Codes Expire

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Once our Free Rolls codes for Board Kings have been claimed, it’s hard to tell when they expire, so we’re unsure exactly how long players have to use them. That’s why we’ve only included links from the past month or so because we believe codes will expire at some point within that time frame. If players want to avoid having codes expire, they should check back daily for new codes.

How to Get More Free Rolls in Board Kings

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There are quite a few ways to get more Free Rolls in Board Kings, similar to how players can get even more Free Spins in Coin Master. We’ve outlined each method below so players can make the most of their time and save money with as many Free Rolls as possible.

It’s essential to link a Facebook account to Board Kings to claim any Free Rolls at all. However, players will get an additional burst of free Rolls simply by linking it in the first place.

Roll the Dice for Free Rolls

Rolling the Dice is a core part of Board Kings’ gameplay. While this doesn’t require players to do anything special, we just wanted to remind all players that they can earn Free Rolls by playing and doing nothing else.

Complete and Level Up Boards

This is another core part of the game. By completing boards, players will earn Free Rolls to use as they progress through Board Kings. It’s easy to do but also very easy to forget and well worth doing.

Daily Rewards

To keep players coming back for more each day, Board Kings offers daily rewards. These rack up over seven days and reset after so players can rack up more treats over time. It’s slow, but it costs players nothing and leads to some decent Free Rolls.

Watch Video Ads on Board Kings

Board Kings offers players the chance to earn Free Rolls, Stickers, and more by watching ads. These aren’t fun, but they’re a great way to rack up lots of Free Rolls quickly. We like to choose to watch an ad and leave our phone running it while we do something else. This way, it’s possible to get through a lot of ads in a day, ending up with loads of Free Rolls to play with in the evening.

Invite Friends to Play Board Kings

Having friends join Board Kings is a great way to get some extra Free Rolls. It’s super easy too. All players need to do is get their Account ID Code and get their friends to use it when they join the game. It’s also possible to send invitations directly to friends through the game, which saves a step. Both players get Free Rolls when a friend joins the game through an invitation or uses their friend’s Account ID Code as a reference.

Participate in Board Kings Events

Board Kings events offer massive prizes for completing fairly lengthy tasks. It’s worth tackling these events though, because the rewards are worth the effort, and it gives players a good reason to engage with the game for a while.

Send Gifts in Board Kings and Have Gifts Sent to You

Players earn loads of rewards in Board Kings, and it’s nice to share the love. Sending gifts to friends and having them send a gift back, ensures all players get their Free Rolls from gifts daily. It’s part of the game that can quickly become routine. We never even think about this process, we just do it because we know it’s part of getting more Free Rolls.

Collect Idolz

One of the side collectibles in Board Kings is Idolz. These items can be gained through Rolls and playing in general, but players get a massive reward when they complete a set. It’s worth pursuing because the Free Rolls players can pick up will help them later in the game.

Sticker Album Set Completions

Players earn Stickers from Rolls, but they can also be purchased in-game from the store. Completing a Sticker Album Set rewards players with a massive number of items, including Free Rolls. If players can earn as many Stickers as possible, either from friends or from other Free Rolls, they’ll be rolling in more Free Rolls for a long time.

Claim the Hourly Free Dice

Board Kings offers players up to 5 Free Dice per hour. These can then be rolled to potentially earn even more Free Rolls. If players are willing to wait, they can play the game for free. We suggest watching ads for that hour to really make the most of the time.

In-Game Promotions

While we like to try to avoid spending money in Board Kings, there’s an incentive to with promotions now and then. These promotions usually offer Free Rolls to players who purchase certain items that the developer is pushing at the time. Buy the promotions to claim the Free Rolls and feel like the money spent has gone even further.

What is Board Kings

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Board Kings is a very similar game to Coin Master. It’s far more multiplayer focused though, so players will be actively rolling against one another as they move. Players need to build up their village, as with Coin Master, to progress, collect items, and complete their boards. It has hundreds of levels to work through, all of which require players to make Rolls.

This is where Free Rolls become so useful because there’s a limit to how many players will get without spending money. Of course, by using this guide, players won’t have any trouble keeping their progress moving forward with more Free Rolls than they’ll ever need.

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