Havoc Rover in Wuthering Waves
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Best Havoc Rover Build in Wuthering Waves

Are you looking for the best build for Havoc Rover? We've got you covered.

There are many interesting 5-Stars characters in Wuthering Waves, especially with the upcoming banners. However, what many players don’t know is that Havoc Rover is one of the best DPS Resonators in the game. Check below for the best Havoc Rover build in Wuthering Waves.

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How to Build Havoc Rover in Wuthering Waves

Rover Special Power in Wuthering Waves
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WeaponEmerald Of Genesis
Echo SetSun-Sinking Eclipse
Main EchoDreamless
Echo Main Stat PriorityCRIT Rate, Havoc DMG, ATK%
TeammatesDanjin and Verina

This build is designed to make Rover’s damage significantly spike after his Resonance Skill is released. Dreamless has a unique interaction with Rover that causes it to deal significantly more damage after Resonance Liberation.

  • Emerald Of Genesis: This 5-Star weapon increases Rover’s Energy Regen by 12%. It also increases his ATK by 6% when his Resonance Skill is released.
  • Dreamless: You can deal a lot of damage by using Dreamless after Rover’s Resonance Liberation, which will also increase the damage caused by his weapon.
  • Main Stat Priority: High crit rate, increased Havoc DMG, and ATK% are all good for Rover, but it’s after Rover’s Resonance Liberation and the use of Dreamless that you will see all these effects snowball.
  • Danjin and Verina: They can boost Rover’s damage.

So all you need is to deal damage during Rover’s Dark Surge stage to stack Umbra Points. With that out of the way, use Resonance Liberation immediately followed by your Echo. You will deal a lot of area-of-effect damage, which is effective against both strong bosses and hordes of enemies

This build works even better if you have Danjin and Verina in your party. Danjin’s outro skill increases Rover’s Havoc DMG by 23% for 14 seconds while Verina has ATK buffs that will benefit your whole team.

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