Tempest Mephis Boss in Wuthering Waves
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All Special Enemies Locations in Wuthering Waves

There are three kinds of special enemies and we know how to find them all.

Wuthering Waves features numerous special enemies that players can challenge for valuable rewards. These enemies are identifiable by their glowing red aura and range in level from 25 to 120. Check below for the location and trophies of all elite, boss, and overlord enemies in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves’ Special Enemies Locations, Levels, and Trophies

In Wuthering Waves, special enemies come in three different types: Elite, Boss, and Overlord. Each type of enemy presents unique challenges and requires different strategies to defeat. Here are all the special enemies you can encounter in the game, their type, level, location, and the trophy you unlock by defeating them:

Carapace: Engine ZeroElite25North of Resonance Beacon in Qichi Village, past the outpost building.Love, Death, And Abandoned Cars
Viridblaze SaurianElite30Southeast of Loong’s Gaze Suburbs, near skeletal remains.The “Ultimate.”
Autopuppet ScoutElite40Near Tiderise Cliff shoreline, glide over water from Resonance Nexus.Protocol 3. A-attack!
Wasteland BellowerElite40In Shattered Blocks, accessible from Resonance Nexus in Corroded Ruins.Dance With The Wolves
SabyrkinElite50Near Distribution Centre, west of Resonance Beacon at Tacet Field.Wild Boar Forest Rampage
Illuminator TheatreElite60North of Misty Coast on the broken road, there are three of them.Safety First!
Roseshroom MutantElite60West of Donglu Research Station, at the base of a waterfall.Plant vs Zombie Roseshroom?
Scorpion’s NestElite70In a cave north of Tiger’s Maw Mine, near a watchtower.Empty The Nest
Fractsidus FollowerElite80On a highway in Sea of Flames, accessible by running up the highway from the main Resonance beacon.Debut Project Of The Big Three
Obelisk GuardianBoss85On the highest cliff in Camp Overwatch, west of the Resonance Beacon.Just A Rock
Prism HeartBoss90South of Resonance Nexus in the Forbidden Forest, southwest of the Giant Banyan tree.Prism Party
Young MurmurinBoss100Near Violet Banyan, south of Resonance Beacon at Thorny Passage.Not My Match!
Twin HeronBoss110In a pond west of Resonance Beacon in Whining Aix’s Mire.Though I Can’t Fly
Spearback KingOverlord120In a cave beneath Plateau Ruins, west of the Depths of Illusive Realm.Here Comes The Bear
Wild GorillaOverlord120In Thorny Passage sub-region, south of Resonance Beacon.Gorilla Gazer

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